Behave Yourself Mixes : Vol. 1+2

Coldcut : Philosophy
Tim ‘Love’ Lee : One Night Samba
Jam & Spoon : My First Fantastic F.F.
Company Flow : Suzy Pulled a Pistol on Henry
Porno s/t : Neighbourhood Toys
Augustus Pablo : Bedroom Mazurka
Charlie Ace : Punany
Porno s/t : Mrs. Cream Jeans
Cassette Boy : Wind It Up Rob
Flying Lotus : Massage Situation
Naked Funk : Jenny Cum Lately
La Funk Mob : Ravers Suck Our Sound & Get Fuck
Depth Charge : Harley Davidson
Sukia : Feelin’ Fine
Chris Morris : Bad Sex
Love T.K.O : Love Thong
Fiona Richmond : Boys In The Band
Hypothalamus : Open Your Mouth
Gert Walden : Madam und ihre Nichte


Porno s/t : I Dig Your Vibe
Burnt Friedman : Fuckin’ Long Time
Mike Ladd : Housewives At Play
Fat Truckers : Teenage Daughter
Klart : Shaver
Inevidence : Cum Dancing
DJ Funk : Fuk U Later (69 mix)
Bong Crispy : No Shit
Fuck Bootlegs : Fuckapella
Partyboobytrap : A Man & A Woman
Aidan John Moffat : Cunts
Aliens Voyage : Lounge Sofa
Nurse With Wound : Groove Grease (Hot Catz)
Sounds From The Ground : Lean On Me
Barbara Markay : It’s All Rite
Peter Wyngarde : Rape
Die Antwoord vs. Enya : Orinoco Ninja Flow
Howie B : Cook For You

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